About Us

The Plote Family of Companies is a fine example of the American dream realized through over 45 years of hard work, sacrifice and a deep understanding of the value of focused individual effort, performed in concert, to achieve the goal of entrepreneurial success. This success is now continuing into the second generation of leadership as the business grows more sophisticated while keeping pace with an increasingly sophisticated and complicated business climate.

Textbook vertical integration is exemplified in our dynamic organization as we capitalize on strengths in many areas of our market as trends shift from one sector of the industry to the next. This synergy between operating divisions is key to the overall success we enjoy.

We have witnessed many of our fiercest competitors both large and small, suffering the consequences of following the popular business philosophy of concentrating efforts only in their “core business”. These competitors have divested from adjoining markets and when the trends shift away from their core business, they are left with little or no market. We, on the other hand, already have established business elements in these adjoining markets and are able to use the synergy of the family of companies to provide financial stability across all of our interests.

“Business” is our core business.
Collectively we extract raw natural resources, process them into finished products and use these products to construct a wide array of high demand projects ranging from heavy civil works like highways & roads, to other business units that build commercial and industrial developments & residential developments that target every income level from the high end, to entry level and rental homes. In other words we are our own best customer at many levels, sharing success and helping each business unit to be a success!

The Plote family of Companies has a proven track record of recognizing the virtues of old fashion work ethic and dedication while embracing and employing new technologies and ideas.

We are financially strong enough to weather storms that devastate smaller organizations and through dynamic leadership we are able to make decisions fast enough to capitalize on opportunities that escape larger organizations while they suffer “analysis paralysis”.

We care for the people who work for us through safety programs and family values. We care for the environment that we live in through being one of the largest recycling companies in the Chicago Land area and working “Green” in all that we do every day.

We are proud of our organization and as you review the many facets of these companies I think you’ll see why.

These are just some of the many businesses that the Plote Family of Companies are involved in:

  • Farming
  • Mining -Limestone, Sand & Gravel
  • Asphalt and Concrete Production
  • Recycling Construction Materials
  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Land Development and Management
  • Commercial Development and Management
  • Retail Development and Management
  • Rental Housing Developments
  • Housing Developments and Construction
  • Golf Courses and Country Clubs
  • And others….